Monday, October 6, 2008

Warning: bitching and moaning ahead!

Ugh.  Woke up to yet another cold and cloudy day.  Plus it's windy today.  Fan-freakin'-tastic.  
Isn't this supposed to be a great time of year (even in Minnesota)...with the changing of the seasons and the fall festivals and color of the leaves and the upcoming holidays? Well, for me, this is the kick-off to when Deb goes downhill. And dreary days like this don't help matters one bit.  
I've really gone all out this year, though, in preparation.  My sister-in-law Linda has me on the exercise track.  My Guatemalan friend Lesbia, who also is warmth-and sunshine-deprived here, is setting up lunches for us and playdates for our 6 y.o's almost weekly, as well as sharing her misery and her plans to outwit the blues which include painting some rooms of her house in warm, cheery colors.  
You know what I just realized?  That the first sentence of the prior paragraph said that I had "gone all out" but then wrote about two people in my life who are doing nice things to help me. What's up with that?  What I DID do was to talk.  Such a small thing, maybe, but not an easy one for me.  To admit a weakness and ask for help....not skills I learned early on or ones that I'm comfortable with now.  So...I've admitted a have a problem, ala AA, and friends and family are coming to my aid.  Thanks, friends and family. More about what I'm actively doing to help myself later....
Above is the current cover of a local publication, Stressfree Living (  I had been picking it up free regularly, and actually missed it when I was in Arizona this spring/summer.  It seems every issue has something relevant to me. And what's not to like about advice to get an aromatic massage because it just might prevent the flu!  This month, there's also a suggestion to enjoy the fall foliage by bundling up and going for a canoe trip down the river.  I'll pass on the canoe part since the last time I trying canoeing I capsized it, sending the Duper Dog and me on an unexpected swim. But, one of these mornings while DS is at school, I will bundle up, bring a big cup of coffee with some flavored creamer...yum...and take a drive with the Dupe.  We'll find a special place, go for a walkie, take some photos, and I'll sip while she sniffs.  No promises on loving autumn here, though, 'k?

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Jill said...

Plan "summer" playdates!! Get a blow-up pool (I can send you one from NC) and you can fill it with play sand and build castles in the winter! Turn the heat up to 80 and wear t-shirts and shorts! Go to a tanning place -- I know, I know -- the whole skin cancer thing -- but in small doses the rays from those tanning beds can induce "happy" feelings. Plan a luaua party. I dunno....sip alcoholic drinks out of fancy glasses w/umbrellas!! :) I'd trade you some snow and ice for this "crap they call "winter" in NC.... :)