Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, again!

I went swimming this morning. Not at Lake Josephine, pictured here (brrrr), but at the gym our family recently joined. Those are geese on the lake, by the way.  They don't show up very well in the little blog photo :(
I LOVE swimming but have been discouraged lately because there's been more of a wait for lanes or downright rude people to deal with at the pool.  "Minnesota nice" doesn't apply at the gym, apparently.  Or on the roads, or in the supermarket, or..... (you can fill in the blank.)  "Minnesota passive-aggressive" seems to be more accurate.  Anyway, just when I was getting into a good rhythm of grumbling, complaining, and pissing and moaning- mostly under my breath- I met a cheery, naked lady in the locker room who shared a secret with me.  During weekday "open swim" times, it's much less crowded, she said. But what about the kids, I wondered, there to enjoy the waterpark?  And it dawned on me....finally......they're in school. DUH!                                   
So today, I am thankful for naked lady's willingness to share that info with me.                     
Also, I am thankful for the opportunity to watch "Ghost Hunters Live" tonight. I'm excited!

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