Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I made 4 ATCs for a 3-for-3 Halloween swap and here's the one up for grabs.  Just post a comment, and from those, I'll have my son pull a name out of our witch's hat.  

<-- The scan is pretty dark, but then again, so is the card.  I started out with a collage image of a group of school kids with their dolls.  I transferred the skull-and-crossbones image onto one of the girls.  In the top right corner is a transparency image of a Ouija board and a horrifyingly creepy Satan image (both from  I dyed some cheesecloth black to partially cover this corner and attached a metal bee.  That's Latin heat-embossed in the top left corner.  I searched several vintage books to find the text, which I then cut out and spattered with walnut ink.  Good luck!


Nelly said...

Very cool! Thanks for the description on how you did it.


Francine said...

I like it, Deb.
It's eerie.


akatrix said...

Deb, you've been hanging with Jill! : ) Your cards are all so great....!!! Pat

Good Mourning Glory said...

It's creepy! I LUV!

Julie (Jules) said...

WOW!! I love your card. I made six for that swap just because I love the whole darkness of the holiday.


Jill said...

Awesome ATC!!!