Saturday, October 11, 2008

New camera

Here's one of my first photos from my new digital camera (yeah, finally got one!)

That's Alexander, who'll be 6 on the 22nd, and Cupid, who'll be 12 on Christmas Day.  

Two loves of my life...

I love the immediate gratification of digital.  I used to be all about "making a photograph", taking photography classes, manual focus and apertures and f-stops.  The elegance of photography.  You'd look at a great photo and wonder how they did it.  
Now it's more about how well you can use Photoshop.  
Mixed feelings.  Feeling nostalgic, I guess.  

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Jill said...

Hi! I love the photo of Xander and Cupid! Xander looks so grown-up. I love digital photography too---my first was a Canon 35mm purely manual camera and I got it for HS graduation in '79! I covet the new Canon Rebel digitals but will stick with my Sony for now. I'm glad you're enjoying the new camera.