Sunday, October 12, 2008

I won something!

Well, I guess I can't say now that I never win anything.  The family and I were in the grocery store yesterday and they were having a grand re-opening after remodeling and were giving away lots of stuff.  I'd quickly scribbled my name and phone # on an entry form, and whaddaya know, I won this little gift basket with a bunch of Cover Girl cosmetics.  Fun! Or was it a cosmic hint that I need to de-slobbify???? (That would certainly be my mom's guess!)

My boy made me laugh this morning.  He had no idea that it was so funny, which made it even funnier.  We all were heading home from a trip to the gym and Chuck and Dons' Pet Food Outlet, and I was going to make pancakes when we got home.  In all seriousness, Alexander says, "I wish I could win a trophy for loving pancakes the best in the whole world."  :)

On the other hand, I'm worried about my Cupid today.  She's been anxious and panting more than usual lately.  She doesn't seem to enjoy her walks as much the past few days.  But she doesn't seem to be hurting. We'll be heading to the vet tomorrow if this continues.  For now, I'll go downstairs and do a little art to stop fretting about it for a while.  

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