Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow dog

Here's my old Cupid-dog, getting snowed on recently.  Most senior dogs like a cozy, warm place to curl up, don't they??  Not Cupid.  She loves to lay outside on the deck on all but the coldest days.  Crazy bitch :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog guilt

Blog guilt. I'm suffering from it. Occurs when you've neglected your blog for too long. Yep, I took the Blogging without Obligation pledge when I first started my blog, but some of the guilt remains. I try to use it to my advantage and turn it into a boot to the butt to get busy.  

Here's a little button fairy whose components had been sitting on my art table for way too long. The guilt-motivated kick to the pants helped me decide to finally finish her up. It is dang hard to get a good picture of one's artwork sometimes, though. I'm going to try making a lightbox which may help me get some of my beads posted on Etsy too. 

'Til next time, whenever that may be.....