Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog guilt

Blog guilt. I'm suffering from it. Occurs when you've neglected your blog for too long. Yep, I took the Blogging without Obligation pledge when I first started my blog, but some of the guilt remains. I try to use it to my advantage and turn it into a boot to the butt to get busy.  

Here's a little button fairy whose components had been sitting on my art table for way too long. The guilt-motivated kick to the pants helped me decide to finally finish her up. It is dang hard to get a good picture of one's artwork sometimes, though. I'm going to try making a lightbox which may help me get some of my beads posted on Etsy too. 

'Til next time, whenever that may be.....


Jill said...

Oh -- I like her a lot, Deb! Her face seems to say "who me?" I'm suffering from the art block too. Don't know if it's so much the block from doing art as it is finding the time (making the time) to sit down and just create for fun.

JennaKay Francis, Author said...

Hi guys! Or gals, as the case may be! LOL Yeah, I found you, Deb. I'm such a stalker. I haven't been doing that sort of art lately. Been busy making mini-totems for plants and pots. Going to sell them at the spring craft fair - well, if anyone wants them, that is. And been getting back to writing. I've got so much to do in that area. Cute little button fairy, there. And Cupid is adorable, too!