Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday morning: the blues vs. autumn colors

Monday morning.  
It appears to be a nice start to the week....I'm looking out the window of our dining room and the way the sun is illuminating the autumn leaves on the trees that screen our neighbors' house from us is absolutely incredible. Shadows mixed with flames. Magical.  
I've got the lightbox burning my retinas and Metallica blaring from the playlist. Trying to do what needs to be done to keep the evil winter blues from encroaching.  There's something about having Lars (God, no, not the ex!) or Bono singing to me that makes things a little better. Exercising helps, too. Too bad the endorphin rush doesn't last longer.  
However, talking to my mom is contraindicated.  She's really gotten into politics the last couple of years and that, combined with her negative opinionated outspokenness, sends me into a downward spiral every time.  Maybe once the elections are over, she'll tone it down a notch or two....nah, who am I kidding? I know, it's my fault that I let it go on long enough to bother me...and I'm working on that.  
I'm off to do a little housework before I let myself do some art.  But first, I'll find a danceable tune on the playlist and force myself to move a little.   Remember Elaine from Seinfeld??? Should be good for a laugh or two. Strange therapy, but it seems to be working as well as the antidepressants. Later.


Jill said...

Winter blahs already? Last week the temps got near 90 and the a/c in federal bldgs is shut off in Oct ... so we had 3 days of 87 degree temps in a controlled building--no windows or open doors. It was HORRID! So as far as I'm concerned...bring on the freakin' snow cuz nothing could be as bad as those 3 days in dress clothes!

Love the photo of Cupid!

Re: your mom---just let her talk and in your head imagine Charlie Brown's school teacher---waaanh waaanh waaaaannnhhh... :)

Debra Mc said...

Great advice re: my mom, Jill! (as usual!)