Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Front of the farmhouse (matching birdfeeder!)
I can't believe it, but I'm finally getting my small farm. Just as I was giving up the search, I found this place on 20 acres in Harris, MN--north of the Twin Cities. It's an older place (probably haunted) but there's a barn... I've always wanted a barn! There's a wood stove and a corn burner to help with traditional heating methods for the upcoming cold weather.

Back of farmhouse
I am thrilled and scared, at the same time. Can I handle this move to the country? I lived out in the desert before, all by myself, but that was a long time ago.

Xander by the barn and silo (he's holding his head because he had a bad headache)

I'll take the winter to plan for the sheep and a few crops for farmers markets and maybe a CSA. Although I've devoted many hours this year learning as much as I can about farming in the upper midwest of the US, I still need to do more.

Our backyard!

What a tremendous opportunity I've been given, as well as the chance for a fresh start.


Sheri said...

How exciting for you! The house looks charming--love the window. Didn't know you had a blog. Will you quit your day job and just focus on farming and sheep raising? Are you selling art now too?

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is so awesome and I remember you saying that you wanted this a long time ago. I'm so excited for you! I'm glad you've revived your blog and look forward to following your adventure. Good luck, girl! You deserve it! Jill

Debra McWilliam said...

Sheri- no, the plan is to keep the day job through the winter. It works out well because, as a TA, I have summers off and that's when most of the farming activity will take place. Of course, there will be some overlap and that could make for some crazy days!
As for selling art...I wish! I haven't even been in an art-making mood or frame-of-mind the past year or so. I feel my creativity returning, though. In fact, I'm kind of excited about my new art room. It has wonderful natural light and a vinyl floor that I won't worry about ruining if I spill paint or something. The previous owner had a hot tub set up in there!

Debra McWilliam said...

Jill, thanks for the good wishes. Yep, you listened to a lot of my whining...I feel like I owe you something more positive!