Saturday, September 1, 2012

Memories, future and current

Note: this was actually written on September 1.
September already. Summer's over. As I type, I'm waiting for Alexander and his friend's family to drive up from a week on a tiny island in a lake up north. No electricity, no electronics, and they needed to take a boat to the 'mainland' to get supplies. He's probably coming home a little bit tougher. I'm excited to see him.

James Allen McWilliam, circa 1950

Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of my dad's passing away. I miss him a lot. He would have been a wonderful grandpa to Alexander, whose middle name was chosen in honor of my dad. I thought about him tonight as I biked up to Lake Josephine at sundown. He used to ride his bike a lot and would have loved our little lake. There's a DQ right across the street, and I remembered how we'd enjoy a couple of chocolate almond Haagen Daz ice cream bars after a trip to Costco together.
Yesterday was also the 15th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. I recall sitting up in bed at my father's house late into the night watching the details unfold on tv regarding her tragic death. What a beautiful and caring woman we lost that night.

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