Saturday, November 9, 2013

Today was a really good day at the farm.
I enjoyed some nice, warm domestic-y feelings as I made Alexander and his friend Derek their breakfast and looked out the huge window of what I'm calling the great room. It's not a great room yet; it's still cluttered with boxes and bins needing to be emptied, but it has great potential. Then I got the idea that I'll set up a guest book of sorts for Xander and his friends to jot down a few words about the sleepovers, like some people have for their guests at the cabin up north, say. Maybe I'll print out some photos and it'll eventually become more of a scrapbook. 
As the coffee brewed, I made a fire to warm up the house a little more. After the guys had a chance to play outside for a little while, I told them we heading to the nearby town of Isanti to do some shopping. Of course they were less than thrilled to hear that, but the second night of the sleepover was hanging on whether Xander's attitude remained acceptable. He's just getting to that age where it's not cool to be decent to your parents, plus he's sleep deprived because getting a good night's sleep isn't cool either. I don't remember being at this silly was much too long ago. Regardless, he's been cranky on and off all day but I didn't let him kill my buzz. And guess what I bought?! A tractor! It's not a huge one but I can't even explain how excited I am about it. It's a John Deere and has a snow blower attachment and cab for the upcoming winter and a mower for next year when the grass is growing. It'll be delivered next Friday, and I'll get the "Tractors for Dummies" short course then. I can't wait!
Later in the afternoon, I decided to play around with the internet cords and connections and finally got it working! I'd spent way too much time on the phone with CenturyLink and just wasn't sure if I was willing to spend $100+ for internet installation, but I didn't have to! Two awesome things in one day...I can't stand it!

the farm, a few weeks ago



Anonymous said...

Deb, so glad u have Internet and a tractor coming! How awesome. I can relate to the stage X is at....same here. The picture looks awesome. Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Sheri said...

I love reading about your adventures and your excitement about the tractor almost made me want one. Almost. So nice that you have internet now. Luckily the boy I have in my life that is about Xander's age is just my grandson, not my son, so he isn't obliged to be quite so, uumm, looking for the right word, and obnoxious seems a bit strong--condescending, oblivious..whatever, I think I get it. Even as a grandma, I try to be as much 'in the background' as possible..only visible when needed. :) Glad you are blogging about your new ventures so that I can take part vicariously. I think the scrapbook is a grand idea!