Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rough patch

Wow, it's been a rough couple of days. First, I think I lost the closest person to a best friend that I have. She and I had a huge fight over my intervening in a disagreement between our two boys. I reprimanded her kid, which is a touchy subject and often a no-no. The way her boy was treating my boy was yet another display of lack of respect of every member of that family towards myself and Alexander. I guess I'd had it.
Then Alexander came down with the stomach flu yesterday. The poor kid was really suffering and there was not much I could do, which is a horribly helpless feeling. But kids are amazing in how quickly they bounce back, and today he was acting normal although still not eating well.
But one good thing that has happened is that I finished this plaque. It started out as a plain wooden heart that I probably got at Michaels for a dollar. I applied lots of layers of patterned tissue paper and some stenciled-on paint, then a gel medium transfer of my Cupid. I like how it turned out. Oh, one more bad thing--I dropped the plaque and it cracked in half. Bad things happen in 3s, right?

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Jill said...

Hi Deb! I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch. If you truly lost a friendship over once incident, then it probably wasn't a friendship that was as important to the other person as it was to you. I would've done the same thing, but sometimes it's hard to know when to open your mouth and when not to. The plaque of Cupid is great! I hope you could repair it. C and I are working on a research paper -- 3rd grade is SOOO much different than it used to be. Get ready! :)