Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birds and brats

This has been a crazy winter for weather, hasn't it? Not just us here in the Twin Cities area but all around the world. Snow in Rome for the first time in decades?? Yesterday morning, when I got up around 9:30, it was already 65 degrees. It hit 80 yesterday and should again today. Scary warm for March. I should be happy, right? I hate winter here. But this is just so darn unusual. It's great to see the blue jays return - they seem to remember that we'd throw them peanuts every time they'd squawk last summer, so they've been showing off in our front yard already. The geese and ducks have been flying in, grass is turning green, and the bulbs are sending up foliage. Does this mean we're in for a long, hot, extra-humid summer? I guess we'll find out...
As I write this, Alexander has a few friends over, one of whom I dislike. Never having done this before, I want to ban him from ever seeing this kid again (mostly kidding) but I hear that's not the best way to deal with this situation. They're already good bus buddies, and the kid (who is only 8--a year younger) is filling A in on all kinds of topics including french kissing, I've learned. Oy. Then the little turd had the stones/bad judgment to lie to A's father yesterday.  I wonder if there's an Idiot's Guide to Keeping your Child out of Juvie.

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