Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Help! Mom's a cougar!

I've been avoiding writing about Alexander's and my trip to Terra Haute, Indiana to attend the Colts (NFL) training camp. I know for sure that I'm going to sound like a cougar....ggrrowwl... or a teenage girl...oooh, he's so dreamy...
Yep, my favorite player was there. Peyton Manning, up close and personal. Stretching and running and throwing. What a thrill it was to be able to watch this future Hall of Fame quarterback practice for his 11th year with Indianapolis Colts.
It was hot and humid and difficult to keep Alexander amused but Colts City helped. A climbing wall, jumping castle, and free snow cones helped break up the monotony for him. Alexander and I "kamped" at a nearby KOA for the three days, which went much smoother than I anticipated for his first tent-camping experience. It was a fun mom and son trip. Thanks, Dana, for help making it happen.

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