Monday, February 23, 2009

A rushed post

I should not be blogging right now!  I desperately need to finish packing for my trip to AZ but it was important to me to get this collage posted.  I've been working on it forever and I still might mess with it a little more.  It was a bit too wide for the scanner so the edges are cropped off a bit.  
I'm making a not-so-New Year's resolution, and that is--in regards to my making art--to use my brain less and hands more.  To think about a project less and work on it more.  To just make something and not worry that it might not be perfect. To not look at 37 magazines for inspiration because 99% of the time, I end up going with my original idea anyway. There it is.  Wish me luck.


Jill said...

Hey...have a safe trip and have some fun! I didn't realize you were going now -- time flies when you're slaving away at work. :(

akatrix said...

Beautifully crafted collage! You rock, Deb!